Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Sideways Jiggy in Australia

Yeah that's the link that started off all this day dreaming.
I must say, it has been fun indeed!

I intend to win the two tickets and proceed way-down-there and to record my experience in perpetual electronic memory in the form of doing my Jiggy in all the prominent places of the Great State of Queensland. A sample of my jiggy is demo'ed below;

Yes this jiggy shall grace the main places of Queensland such as the Gold Coast, now I like the sound of that place! must be cool.
And then Brisbane for a little down-under urban jiggles so the Aussies can draw some inspiration in some moderate silly stuff.

It has been nearly 30 years since Australian soil has borne my weight. And now this competition will allow a second return, with my weight estimated to be at least 5 times more than the last time I left. I will travel the lands with my wife, probably in great embarrassment in having to be my camerawoman, to record the stories and jiggies of which the trip will result in.

Humanity is expected to become richer for my acts and experience.

No more need to be written here after viewing my video (in front of the great Shwedagon and U Wisara Pagodas of Yangon).

Come to think of it, a jiggy in front of the Sydney Opera House is called for too, I must say!
I will want to visit the war memorial in Melbourne too,
And perhaps to Canberra to visit the Parliament building and Duffy Primary School.

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