Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New 7 Wonders Of Nature - Vote for Mergui Archipelago

A frantic incoming message from my friend in Yangon, distrubed my evening musing.
It was Rahul, a dear online friend, and he was on a mission.
and our conversation;

Rahul: Hey! Bro...pls cast your vote at http://www.new7wonders.com./
Rahul: Let's vote for Mergui Archipelago at http://www.new7wonders.com/
Rahul: Pls vote for Mergui Archipelago
moelwin999: eh?
Rahul: Okie?
and also spread this info with your myanmar fri from S"pore
moelwin999: ok
I will put it on my blog
and face book page too
Rahul: Thx
moelwin999: where is it?
Rahul: What?
Mergui Archipelago?
in southern part of Myanmar..kawthaung
moelwin999: where do I vote for Mergui?
yeah I know that! I mean on the web page?

Rahul: Pls link to New 7 wonders of Nature.
moelwin999: ok found it
Rahul: there they'll be explanation step by step
moelwin999: ok here goes
Rahul: thx
moelwin999: ok

So now you are looking at it on my blog, and some notice i will put on my Facebook page too.

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