Friday, April 3, 2009

The Ideal Pillar Post. The Super Pillar Post

I haven't written a post here for a while.
Not that I haven't had anything to write about, just wanted to write about something really worthwhile.

Pro bloggers like Yaro and Gideon ( my blogger heroes) have always talked about writing a series of 'pillar posts'.

So I thought I might just take the advice of the experts and get to it.

So hmmm,

Now that I'm getting down to it.

What is a pillar post?

" What is a pillar post? A pillar post is a post that is very long, instructional, and is usually a list (or at least that’s what I like to call it). A pillar post can take many, many hours and up to days to write, but they are definitely worth it. On July 18 I published a post called 75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic. I like to refer to it as a pillar post. It is a list of 75 items and is instructional, telling you how to get more traffic to your site or blog."

and with

"You should write one because people love posts like that. They can get so much from it and they can tell you are very serious about what you’re doing. I’ve gotten more comments on that post than any other, and also more people have linked to it."

is something about it from the super blogging blog

But how to write one? I spent a few hours (on the MRT) pondering this question;
"Pillar posts are not hard to write. No matter what your niche, a pillar post cannot be very hard to write, or even to come up with an idea for one. True, they might take awhile, but they aren’t hard. For my pillar post, I chose a very general topic in my niche: increasing traffic. Choosing a general topic makes it a lot easier and lets you have more to write about, and that’s essential for a pillar post. All you have to do is think up what your post will be about, and then brainstorm all the items in the list."

And then also...

"When you write a pillar post, and if it’s a decent one, you will receive many links from it and lots o f comments. Just be sure to proofread it as best you can before you publish it and make sure it makes sense, because if it doesn’t, you’ll lose valuable links."

So, Voila!

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