Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello World!

Yeah, I know,
Tiger Woods said it before me. And I admit, those were mighty appropriate words for the occasion of the time.
I am Moe Lwin and I am in Singapore. And I will be authoring this chronicle of my experiences, and stuff that appeals to me. I surely hope that you find it a bit interesting. Something to brighten up a boring bit of your day I hope.

Many of the items that I will post will normally be real life stories. So if they tend to become a bit boring then you would know that it would be a particular boring part of my life. I am a very family oriented person. And that will be a source a much material too.

I have considerable experience with doing business in Myanmar and still have a lot of contacts there so if you need to know anything pop me an email and I will try too get a answer that you will hopefully find interesting.
I spent a four and half year stint with a FAO project and 576 days with World Vision, both in the dry zone part of central Myanmar.

So hi and nice to meet you and enjoy the ride.

Nov 28, 08

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