Sunday, November 30, 2008

Useful Myanmar WebSites

Take a look at these websites that are trying to make life a little easier for Myanmar overseas, as i am in Singapore, of course there is a little more about Singapore. for all Myanmar sites listed in all countries

Here's a blog that I found from a Shwe guy in England: nice to know that there are other's like me. Sounds like a doctor or something.

Then here's one for rooms search in Singapore: make sure you call and view the room and get to evaluate the Thu Gyi's before you commit to rent, some of them can be very nasty. Yes that's the truth.

And another given to me by my Filipino friends a rather outstanding bunch I must say, (I had I Filipino friend in Bangladesh something like 30 years ago, Mark Anthony B Martepakay- I am not sure of his last name, attended Greenherald School same class as me)

More to come, no point in listing the models and actresses and MP4 sites, anyone with half a brain can find them

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