Friday, November 28, 2008

My Respected Reverend Monk

My Respected Reverend Monk
I come from a family of deep devout Buddhists. Even though that me and my brother are not at all the religious and pious members we demonstrate enormous respect for the Sangha, the order of monks. The monk in the picture is monk that I usually go for my religious support and to fulfill the need of belief in the sense of the word. Buddhist chants are what he has taught me and the calm my mind and prepare me for the day ahead.
Please visit him if you can, just ask my brother when you are in Mandalay and he will probably drive you there himself.
Please try reciting the following chant for a boost in your daily life. I can’t explain it, well not yet.
1) Su – Thaw Ma Na Ka Ri Hta Dha
2) Khway – Ba Tha Tha Wi Tha Day Ba
3) Ngwe- Ga Bap A Du Dha Wah Ga
4) Min - Ah Wi Thu Nu Thar Nu Ti
May all have peace of mind and heart.
Moe Lwin
For the short time that we are here.

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