Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009, A Year of Hope! & Year of the Blog

Happy New Year!

Moe Lwin Stuff wishes all who visit all the best Stuff for 2009.
2008 was a year of great change for me, uprooted from Myanmar and working in Singapore.
Experiencing the Nargis cyclone.
The recession on all economies.

Now all members of my family are safely back to their homes in Myanmar. Tired and but content.
It will be interesting to see how history evaluates 2008.
And 2009 wil be the year that all things are better.
Really don't have much to say.
This blog will record the year (along with millions of fellow bloggers)
2009 Year of the Blog (sounds like a sci-fi movie)

And thank you google for the beautiful pic, (I was waiting for it to come up)

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