Monday, January 12, 2009

Make a mistake sometimes - its good for you

The other day, on my way to meet a couple of friends, I took the No. 14 bus the wrong way. So instead of going about six stops to the bedok interchange (where I would switch to the MRT and get to the place I was going in 45 minutes) I went on a 2 hours cross Singapore bus ride that was very pleasant.

Oh what a small place Singapore is! Everything seemed to be just next to the other place.

I realized that I was not that far away from the Suntec City, and I little distance away from Orchard Road. I lot of places that I thought were isolated turned out to be almost right next to each other.

That was a few weeks ago.

I was asked if I knew the way to Bedok interchange and the bus station the other day. As I answered all their questions, I was surprised at myself for seeming to know the way, the right and the wrong to get there. I even knew how long (14 minutes) it would take the bus to drive.

So all this this information was there in me.

So you just don't know what events may transpire just to help you tremendously in the future.

So take the risk, make a mistake sometimes.

Maybe you'll enjoy it!

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