Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some Feng Shui Prediction for 2009

General Prediction for 2009, the year of Ox.

1. It should be a turbulence year with difficulties in terms of the economy, diseases and terrorism.
2. We can only see a slight better outlook after Sept 2009.
3. It is a bad year particularly for those who were born in the year of Ox and Goat. Those who are born on those years should rather stay cool and avoid all unnecessary investment, purchases, job transfer and argument. They should look for stability in life instead. Keep their money in their pocket.
4. It is an excellent year for those who were born in the year of monkey. Take whatever opportunity you have to shine. For those who were born in the year of pig, this is your ‘run-about’ year whereby you have to travel a lot.
5. Romance year for horse.
6. Study year for rooster.

In order to stay good luck, we have to:-

1. Be a kind-hearted man always. Willingness to help others is most crucial to enhance ones luck. Do more charity and you will feel that your luck will become better.
2. Always say something nice to others and your luck will be better than before.
3. Put water features at the right locations i.e. the southwest and east of your house or office for period 8 (2004 – 2023). The water should flow to the direction of your house as water symbolizes wealth.
4. Circulate the auspicious qi at South-East by putting an aquarium, water feature, fan or clock there. South-East is the best location for 2009. If the main door of your house is located at the South-East, open the door wide enough to welcome the auspicious qi. Nevertheless, do not put any rubbish bin at the South-East. Always keep the South-East sector clean.
5. Cleanliness is a must. Do an entire clear-up in your house and you will enjoy better luck right away.
6. The worst sector is the North. Place a metal wind chime there.
7. Avoid any renovation at the North and East sectors of your house.

8. Keep money in your pocket.

And there will be more to come!

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