Thursday, January 29, 2009

Business Trip to Myanmar & My First Trip back Home for 2009

Yes, I am happy that I will will be going back home to Myanmar.
It will be the first trip of 2009, and as everyone has been telling I am looking forward to see my wee little daughter and wife, also to see my mom and bro and sis and their families too.
Something that I don't have in Singapore - family.
But the staff at the school I work at are really great, throwing me a surprise birthday party, that was truely, a pleasent surprise.
It is also the first business trip to Myanmar
And I have a chock full schedule of appointments and follow-ups, and events to hold and attend.
The Year of the Ox states that we have to really work hard for progress, and though the stars shine favourably on my sign, earth monkey, they serves as only a motivation for me to push harder, knowing that I have some celestial help on my side.
Yes, I intend to make things happen, working in the smarter manner.

2008 was a year of change for me. In the early months, I could not have envisioned or dreamed that it would end like this, in a new job, in a overseas country, in a direction wenching career change. (At least the culture chock has been minimal! And friends that have been in Singapore for a while, ensure that I navigate myself around with minimal mishaps, they have been totally great, school friendships do last a lifetime)

I will be off the blogshere for approxiamtely 2 weeks.
And will promise to come back with a rainbow of stories, of my travels to Yangon and Mandalay.

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