Thursday, December 4, 2008

Amputation with sms instructions - Friends know the caliber of each other

Yes, that an eye-catching topic that was in the news today. A short account recording the brave initiative of an individual who has gone the extra-mile to help a fellow human.

Yet, I wonder, though Doc David Nott is a trained surgeon, with no experience in the particular surgery performed, but he must have had considerable experience in alike situations of equal complexity. Otherwise he could not have summoned up the initiative to perform such a feat. I am in no manner try to belittle his extraordinary effort yet, trying to analyses the circumstances in which hundreds of others in similar situation across would have ignored to fate and simply walked on.
And many cheers to his friend Professor Meirion Thomas on the other side, I could only imagine what the reaction to the first incoming would be like. Would it generate the ‘you gotta be kidding!’ reaction. But as my friends know me and know in certain situations that it is better not to question your colleague and get on to the crisis on hand.
Did he really have to thumb in all those tongue twisting medical terms and procedural steps as medical soap operas have familiarized us with. Or did he stick to the mere basic actions and let his friend at the scene work them out. Every discipline would have its own economical words and phases. And when you really know someone you really know how to make him know, and he would know what is between the lines too.
Yet again another occurrence of human nature that proves there is always hope, for us all, even in bleakest conditions.

Just found out that he text just ten instructions. And the job got done indeed!
A tribute to the professionalism!
Also its serves to fact that there is a whole lot more that great friends know about each other then they let on!

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  1. for me, I can't do it even I have received 1000 of SMS while I know very well about how to treat life threatening asthma and heart attack. :)


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