Saturday, December 6, 2008

Payback Time, Chanting for All

I will be reciting some chants for prosperity in for the coming few days and those who want to share in the merit please write your name in the comment line, so I can view your names as I chant. The chants shall be;

Chant one: for prosperity to be channeled to you
Chant two:
for the best of friends to surround you
Chant three:
for the money to be channeled to you
Chant four:
for easy dealing with authorities to be channeled to you

Please check from time to time and let me know if there is any improvement in your lives.
I received this as a gift and it was great for me, the only thing that the person (whose name was requested not to reveal) asked for in return, was for me to do the same for others.
So here I go with the returning the favor.

My personal testimony; before early August, I did not have even in my dreams at the time that I would be working in Singapore. I was more or less gunning for a position in any NGO in Myanmar. On the 1st of September, I was on the plane to check the place that I would be working
And working happily I am!
So yes I will keep my word and repay, I will.

If there is a real major difference in your lives in the next few months, look me up, and I will teach you the chant for you to chant for others.

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