Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Singapore Cough

So its been like 2 months since I arrived upon to Singapore soil. Yes the place is nice, and well-organized, with all the street signs up and the sort, haven’t been lost a bit since I have been here, at all, not a bit, well a little bit.
But then there is the universal and very aggressive air-conditioning that they have everywhere in Singapore. And in the places where there is no air-conditioning there are huge powerful fans that blast a gale force wind in your direction. Some of these fans have these little water dispersion taps on them so that the air is cooler and wetter. Actually rather nice, when you are perfectly healthy, that is. And then there are the un-timely showers that rain down for short periods, I have only seen a very few of these showers lasting from more than 2 hours.
Don’t get caught in them if you’re new around here, and if you do, dry off as quickly as you can. Before the annoying sniff and the dreadful cough work up. Woe to that person that catches the cough and refuses to go to the doctor over such minor little thing. It’s minor isn’t it, no temperature, no elevated blood pressure, no any other symptoms that are obvious at all. Only this terrible, annoying, persistent, embarrassing dry hacking cough.
Those who have been here a while say that, all go through it. And then it magically disappears, I am trying to drown mine in Vicks vapor- drops right now and staying away from a direct air-con or fan air flow.
I feel better already.
Otherwise it feels like a case of mild acute bronchitis.

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