Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How the Sports Stars are doing this year

I just found out that three of the top paid sportsmen are not even active, at the time of writing this post!.

They are Tiger Woods (My Favorite!) recovering from a bum knee surgery, he's going to come back and within the next 3 years, he's going set a new master's record (I don't want to say that he's going break the magnificent record set by Jack Nicklaus, a stunning feat in its right too!)

The there is the retired raceman, F1, Micheal Schumacher (ahh got the spelling right!). Who is earning a cool sum and looks like he's gonna keep doing it way after he's finished driving, (has he every got a speed ticket? bet he could drive away from any police chase).

And the third is Micheal Jordan, the legendary basketball star, who has also retired.

Tiger has earned 91 million, Schumacher 36 million and Jordan 35.5 million, in endorsements.

Nobody is quite sure about the exact earnings of the Globe's top sports men and women, but the following is believed to be a reasonable reliable list of the Top 10 highest-paid sports stars from around the world:
1 Tiger Woods (golf) $91m
2 Phil Mickelson (golf) 49.5m
3 David Beckham (football) $47.5m
4 Oscar De La Hoya (boxing) $43m
5 Kimi Raikkonen (F1) $40m .
6 Michael Schumacher (F1) $36m
7 Michael Jordan (basketball)
8 Roger Federer (tennis) $35m
9 Kobe Bryant (basketball) $33m
10 Shaquille O'Neal (basketball) and Ronaldinho (football) $32m.

Now you got something to tell your friends and look smart.

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