Saturday, December 27, 2008

Great News from Home

Ah! The joy of being a father.
I got letter from my daughter today. It was written in her cute handwriting.
A simple little letter to her daddy, saying that she got the top scores in all of her subjects in the latest exams.
And now is 1st in her class. And, of course, then there is the part where she says that she loves me.

Looking back to my own past, the highest that I ever made was 7th in my class, I think, but there was only 15 kids in the class so that does not mean I was great! So she is 1st, and the amazing thing about it, I think is that she said she was going try really hard, to be better than everyone else in her class.
And by golly, she meant it, even though she is just 6 years old.
Come to think of it she used two languages in her letter, English and Myanmar!

News like this really energizes parents.
Wishing all the parents who read this blog to receive news like this in the coming week.

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