Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ghost in the Underpass of Tanah Merah Station

I still shudder at the thought of that night. The almost imperceptible smell of rotting flesh in the air, the chill that crept up my spine. That feeling you get when you know that something with evil intent is staring at your back. The sense of utter lost hope, prevailing in the air.
A sense of sadness as if someone extreme had experience a profound loss the sense permeating everything in that close area. I thought I saw someone; I’m not sure at all, from the corner of my eye. But I know I could feel someone right there!

It has been raining almost everyday now since it turned into December. That’s supposed to be normal here in Singapore for the time of the year. The rain brings instant relief from the sweltering heat, which is there if there is even the slightest hint of sun. For me the rapid change of temperature has brought a annoying cough to me. The work hours are right regular here. In at 9:00am and wrap up for the day at 6:00pm. Back to the hostel at 6:50pm, pretty regular, the daily grind. I always use the Tanah Merah MRT station. You descend from the train platform onto the ground level where you check yourself out. And directly in front is a further descent into an underground passes which takes you under the busy road and safely unto the other side.

It had been a long day; I had just come back from meeting one of my friends after work. The great joy, after being here for the last two months, working with people that you couldn’t say, were your friends yet. I have reached an age where friends are not made easily anymore. So there is such pleasure in meeting friends of old, especially in a strange city. A modern cold city! We have said our good byes, and I checked my watch, it’s close to 10:30pm, plenty of time to catch the MRT back to Tanah Merah Station. The rain starts to fall. The heat of the day evaporates, it is enjoyable!

I get off at Tanah Merah station, it be over 11:00 pm by now, no one around, just me walking down to the underpass, as I had done dozens of times now, but for such a time in the night, it was the first.
My foot steps rang in the corridor. So loud that I actually began walked slower, a light flickered in the ceiling far down.
Then I felt it! a breeze, a chill down my spine, a sudden sense of a feeling of someone was down there with you. Something reaching out for, for I don’t even know now. Suddenly the stories of those wandering the earth waiting for their business to be concluded, those waiting for justice or those that couldn’t simply let go. Their affections too great on a person, a place a thing. I had heard that they would wonder and stop at places where they could be acutely felt by those still living.

I thought I heard a whisper into my back by a rasping stuttering voice. Something about being alone, hungry and worried and being so tired. My pulse had quicken to a pounding tempo.
The only small problem in this story: there was no breeze that night, and I was in an underpass.
I do not stay to find out, my pace quickens. And I nearly run up the elevator. I turn around to check, the light is no longer flickering.
I hear that so of the students at the hostel have also felt a cold chill and whispering, with a glance of an outline, just for an instant.
In the corner of the underpass which goes towards the East Meadows Condos, of the Tanah Merah MRT Station. The next time I come back late, I’m taking a taxi.
After all, as rational scientific beings, we all know that ghosts and curses do not exist.
Right! Anyway. don't go there alone!

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