Thursday, December 4, 2008

The World Greatest Title

I was took a great interest into a similar title the other day. It was written by a fellow blogger and I could not but notice that it had made it to the top of the most read lists. The content wasn’t much to go by on anyway. So how did it get itself up on those lists? I suppose it was for the merit of the catchy title. It was the sort that search engines would pick up and put on the top of their lists, causing the hit rates to increase dramatically. That would then put the imposter of a post to be included into the most read lists of the hour, the day, the sort, propelling it higher into the most read hits lists, until a good deal of the suckers have taken a look and navigated away from the site.
It was something like a sideshow in the village pagoda festival, somewhere and sometime lost in my memory. The “picture most handsome man in the world” show, where you paid, your 5 Pyas (1cent??) to be shown a mirror, with yourself staring back at you!
And a sheepish nod to the fellow posted on the way out with the duty of asking, everyone “good looking eh?”
Yes, we are all suckers at one or another.

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