Saturday, December 13, 2008

Me Singing Heaven, You'll Like This!

Really impressed with with video, it almost calms you down.
It's called 'Me Singing Heaven', and the girl got over 11 millon views and 56,000 comments!! Man, She's famous!
The original song by Bryan Adams got a little more than 21,000 views, (That's telling us something)


  1. အဲလိုေကာင္မေလးကိုမွ သေဘာက်တာ...သီခ်င္းဆိုတာလည္း ေကာင္းတယ္...

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  3. Just adding more info about her from Wiki

    Mia Rose (born January 26, 1988 in Wimbledon Village, London) is the stage name of Maria Antónia Sampaio Rosa, an English/Portuguese singer-songwriter who achieved a certain fame within the popular video sharing website YouTube, on which she uses the username miaarose. With over 161,000 subscribers as of December 5th, 2008, Mia Rose is the fourth most subscribed musician of all time on YouTube, greatly surpassing other YouTube musicians including Marie Digby[1]. She has been the feature of articles in Rolling Stone,[2] The Sun,[3] and The Age,[4] as well as the subject of a BBC Radio podcast.[5]

    Mia Rose modeled for an agency called "Young Faces of London" before departing Britain for Portugal in her teenage years.

    According to her YouTube channel, she is currently living in Portugal.


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