Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blue Eyed Asian Boy and Gals Coming your Way

Time have changed, I still remember when I thought that black hair was dazzling (it still is, and I still do!), but the change of times, or rather the acceptance of change and attitude, has caused us Asians, especially those in the Far East, to feel we must no longer stick to black hair. Now, no one bats an eye if we have red, purple, brown or blond highlights in our hair. ( I weep, but for a short time only because some of the color hair looks very fine indeed!)
After that, surely changing eye color is the next step and a small one. I remember one Myanmar model sporting the blue eyes look (in Myanmar?!) So one company from Malysia certainly hopes so and is staking its claim in the cosmetic contact lens market.
The company is called Maxvue Vision Sdn Bhd, based in Seremban, and is four years old. I read about it the other day and even with the briefest outline, I was impressed. A company that had identified that such a trend is just ready to start and they are ready, quietly and steadily started making its presence felt in the European and Middle Eastern markets with its range of cosmetic color contact lenses called Colourvue. And they are going to be the latest trend I predict it! (Gotta take a chance with something!)
So with my two headlights dressed up in these colorful sparkles, I certainly hope that some of my years will fall away even if my tummy doesn’t.
And I love the thought of people crying; ‘Hey look at the blue eyed Asian guy!’
Or Maybe I should just dye my hair green!

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