Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Kick Ass Bus Driver

I have being seeing this caution notice on my way to work, since October 2008. It made me wonder on that very first day, what exactly would be the management style that these Singaporeans practice. I know that most Singaporeans like to see themselves as very aggressive and demanding managers and bosses ( and most of them do poorly at the act, they can’t sustain the act all day, all the time, so they end up looking like pussies! And most of them can’t stand a stare down!), but this was taking the ‘be-informed-and-aware’ thing too far.
It also made me think where they find guys to drive for them with the required job description written at the door. So he’s got to drive and kick ass, if it comes to it. Does he get any extra commission for every ass he kicked or will it be a flat allowance attached to his pay. But most probably he would get nothing extra and his ass kicked if the something goes wrong and he does not perform the required function.
It has become a nice source of morning amusement for me the way to work. I want greet them like “Hey! Did you get to do all you duties today? Kick any ass today?

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