Friday, December 5, 2008

Great to turn Forty

Today I am forty.
My collegues at the office I work threw a mini surprised party for me, and it took me bt total surprise. Thanks everyone, the feeling was great. Here a picture of me with the cake.

Forty I am!
And you know what its a great age to be.
You reach an age where 40 is the new 30 because people are living longer. Centenarians will become unexceptional within my lifetime, and the average life-span around the world is already double what it was 200 years ago.
I was old enough to appreciate all the magic of the first Star Wars movie release in 1977.
And I’m not even embarrassed at it anymore. The feeling of it was so magical, and in it George Lucus became my hero and still is.
I lived through the eighties as a teenager. And the music was the best. Nothing beats the eighties music.

They say that LIFE is only going to get faster. The average age for purchasing a Harley Davidson is now 59. My friend bought one a few days ago and he’s only 42. By the way it was a second hand machine but after he’s through polishing it, it’s gonna shine like new. I remember that we had a Chopper bicycle and only one too. It was shared among three brothers, and my younger brother loved it so much.
I already own my own apartment, and a little jeep of a car. It’s right up on the top of this post. With my wife, my real friend in life, with the exception of my parents and family, I simply cannot think of my life without her. She is definitely the better half of me.
And there is my wee little daughter; she had already given me a great birthday gift the other day when she told me that a full 100% scores in 3 of her 4 subjects. Wow! I thought, I had never got scores like that, ever!
I cannot, but write something about my parents, the incredible lengths that they have gone through to raise me. And they have done a right fine job indeed! Thanks Mom and Dad.
And my elder bro out there in Mandalay, still looking out for his younger bunch, I guess after forty years, he’s become really good at it too. It his birthday too! We have the same exact birthday. As the King of Thailand! It’s a holiday on our birthday in Thailand. I heard that he is sick and hope he gets better soon.
When the late Japanese Emperor Hirohito was alive, and my late father was posted at the Myanmar Embassy at the time, it was a holiday on his birthday too, as he his was the same date as the Emperor.
I guess the past 40 years were all about preparation. A lot of things don’t really hold true anymore. I really come to know the people who have stuck by me. I have friends that I’ve know for 30 years now, we go and play golf and we say things at each other that amaze the caddies, it would result in a murder with anyone else, but with us, we don’t bat an eye. The guy been around long enough to have the right to say anything he wants to me, even while putting! Turning forty is a time when you take stock of your life.
And measure your accomplishments. .I think I did great,
A wife that loves me, and daughter, relatives that think I'm not too bad.
I will look after those who have looked after me.
And Hey! It’s been a great ride so far.
And I bet the next twenty are gonna be better.

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ~ "WOO HOO, what a ride!" Author Unknown

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  1. it has been too late to say. but i still should say "happy birth day" although i just pop in your place for the first time. thanks for linking my blog somewhere. too much blogs your got.

    best wishes


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