Friday, December 5, 2008

I am finally earning some money from Blogging!

Yes, it has happened!
Just when I thinking if this really was gonna work or not!
The situation that I have waiting for since I started to write these blogs.
My blog has started to earn money from AdSense.
And the most amazing thing about it was that, I had become hooked on writing for the sake of writing, and I have had reached a state where I would not think or care about AdSense earnings any more.
I had read up daily on bloggers who had online reps as the best in the business, and their advice was to keep writing everyday, well almost every and to get interesting content up into the blog. So that readers would come and keep on coming.
And they talked about earning hundred of dollars a day, and other stuff that makes you a little envy.
So here’s my advice to you fellow bloggers, especially the new to blogging ones.
This does really work!
It just took me about 26 posts start seeing some visits, and then more visits, and then some earnings.
I guess the circumstances thought it times to reward the poor tapping blogger.
Just keep on writing quality content that would mean something to your readers, and make sure that AdSense is turned on too!
And since it is my birthday today! It was a nice surprise too.
I take it as AdSense’s birthday present to me.
Too cool to be a coincidence?

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