Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Makes People Fat/Overweight Nowadays?

Well it use to be too much lounging on front of TV's and greasy hamburgers (actually greasy anykind of food).
Now I think it's the Internet that makes us put on weight (and ruins our eyesight too).
All those hours we spend in front of the monitor, hooked to this network of networks, supposedly communicating with friends, bantering with strangers, looking up stuff we'd never give a second thought to in the "real" world is putting the pounds on big-time!
The flab’s of fat that amass while in front of a glaring screen peering into this digital world will all send us to an early and greasy grave !
The attractions of interactivity are even more so gripping than with the Ol' tellie.
The innumerable games that kids play and uncountable sites mostly filled with drivel and senseless what-not call us like a siren and we are addicted. We just have to switch on the computer just after we go to the toilet and before brushing our teeth in the mornings.
Why did I ever buy a computer and modem and hook it up to the one of the "greatest" inventions in human history?
My paunch is a testimony to the powers of the digital highway!
The wider bandwidth becomes, so does my girth.
I a slave to the Internet God now!
And maybe you are too! Is there any hope for us?
Is there a rehab somewhere?
Or do I really want to cut myself off from its wonders?
On second thought I don't think so. A learned Buddhist monk said something to me long ago : Everything in moderation; not too much and not too little of something makes our world a better place !
I think I'm gonna abide with his maxim or at least try to. So all you out there, remember this: The reason for our overweighty-ness is the INTERNET, not lack of exercise, or gobbling down platters of goodies.
Wish me success in my exercise of moderation and I hope the same to you.

Ciao for now!

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