Monday, December 1, 2008

What would happen if the Thai Tourist Industry received in 2009, only 50% of the visitors of the previous year?

What repercussions would that have on Myanmar?
A certain number of free independent travelers (FIT) as the industry calls them, which come to Myanmar, are usually off-shoots from the usual beaten track of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the sort. If these sorts of travelers do not include Thailand on their usual tour, and Thailand is a favored spot for a lot of them, the few numbers from that population that ventured into Myanmar will further be decimated. A certain number of Myanmar’s working in Thailand will the first to be given the boot and shown the door if it comes to it I suppose. And that would probably mean thousands and thousands of them. Imagine them streaming back across the border back to their little towns and villages. Putting increased stress on the community systems that always have been at their limits. Many of them would feel it strange to fit back into previous lives, having grown clean out of them. Would crime and the associated abuses increase along with them?
Would anyone care to join into the prophecy of the year to come?
What say YOU!

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