Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why do people take up photography?

Seen lots of tourists with cameras the size of small boxes and lenses the length of a kid's arm ?
Snapping away, then, yapping away? Shamelessly and permissionlessly taking shots of us and our abodes? In the olden days, Red Indians didn't allow themselves t be photographed because they thought their souls would be taken away and used for nefarious white-man- understood –only- semi-medicinal purposes.
And in a way they were damn right! Our privacy which a synonym for our souls and selves are invaded by the lens now. .
We feel date-raped and abandoned after their incursions. They make us all feel like Britney Spears although we don't have as much cash as her, fake her tootsies or dance moves.

But now I will delve into the reasons why photography is now so popular.

My reasons:
These people with cameras are satisfying their voyeuristic tendencies. They think if they're lucky enough they might be in the right place and right time ( or is it the wrong place and wrong time ? )and take shots of the next World Trade Center –like disaster or Tsunami and sell to some TV network and get some dough so thereby l pay off half their mortgage.
Physically, it's as easy and effortless as eating a pie, just have to point and click and Tada! Voila! A piece of art! They want to be seen as artsy fartsy They need a hobby but do not want to take the time or make the effort to learn real art or painting.
Cameras are getting cheap.
The cameras, these days are also better and once in a while they can take perfectly acceptable pictures with minimum of everything else. (The image stabilizers and other improvements on these advanced gizmo cameras can hide the handshakes caused by too many or too few vodkas).
They want another dinner conversation topic that makes them seem cool and less fat.
They want a record of their holidays and travels to places which they can show and boast about to their dumb visually-only- orientated friends.
They think they might be able to make it as a photographer if they are fired from their present jobs.
Their friends put them up to it.

They are the POOPERAZI !
( Poop-shooting- camera –wielding-Nazis )

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