Thursday, December 4, 2008

For All Mankind, the Greatest Love at First Sight!

I can tell you exactly when this happened.
I can tell you exactly how it happened.
I can vividly describe the place where it happened.
And above all I can still remember how it feels.
It’s a feeling that I’m never going to forget, that I never want to forget.
One of the most amazing transformations a person can go through.
And billions have gone through it.
And tens of thousand are going through it every moment. Even as I write and you read this.
And I still can’t help wondering how that an emotion that you would only suspect one day would be so pronounced the next.
It was the day my daughter was born.
She was born on the first of February 2002, at 7:17 in the morning. I got to see her about fifteen minutes after, when the nurse brought her out to show me and pronounced that the child and mom were ok.
Then in another few minutes later my little baby was rolled outside in a little cot.
Where I studied every single little feature of her. My mother was beside me doing the same, for her it was her third grandchild.
Oh, the feeling of love at first sight!
Yes, the feeling of love at first sight!

Then she yawned, a full oval mouth yawn with her lips quivering.
Then she looked around, with me, moving trying to make sure that she would be looking at me, the only one there but suddenly jealous of all the other things she was looking at, the windows, the walls and all the stuff in the room.

Then my wife was wheeled out still drowsy from the drugs, it had been a successful caesarean. And then a tiny wimp from her daughter and she started lactating.
I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest day.
Wee little Muchi Moo had arrived!

And to my mom that day, I am proud to be as the best that I could have always been. And to be really thankful for your parents that day!

I am sure that many dads have had the same super feeling.

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