Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Different Situations My Car Goes Through

Hi Everyone, hoping that you are having a great time (doing what?).

It is the raining season in Singapore, or so they say, it means that the temperatures are down but it still cannot be called cold or anything. It it merely just very comfortable temperature. Which brought me thinking about the weather in Myanmar which lead me back to the night of May the second. Yes the night that Nargis blasted through the delta.
I can still remember, that all the members of our clan were texting each other furiously, updating each other on the situation. And then around 2 am I think all the phones went dead. There goes the tower I thought.
And then the loud pounding of mangoes onto the roof of our neighbor. (My wife kept asking me; 'whats' that?' to every new sound - and my answers sounded silly now, they were just answers!).
Come to think of it, it was a year that the Yangon mangoes didn't make it market. And that was amongst the least of worries.

And my car was half buried in rubble. Good thing a lamp post didn't fall on it.
I search through my personal archive of photos to find one of my little car and another photo (with me and a elephant) to give you a brief idea.

Then I remember that on the next day morning there was hundreds of guys and gals all out in force with little digital cameras, all snapping away to put Nargis in the books as the most documented cyclone in Myanmar history too.
(My wife thought I was nuts at the time! many would agree, save those owners of digital cameras!)

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