Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chat with a regular reader of this blog

Yesterday I met with a regular reader of this blog, of course, she is a sweet dear old friend of many years. Although I haven't seen her some number of years, the dot beside her name in the GTalk is green most of the time so she is somewhere nearby (but maybe across the planet). As she had just recently arrived back to Singapore she suggested that we meet up and catch up, a bit. So we met and she is just the same old gal with a radiant smile.
We talked about everything, and then the topic of my blog came up.
she said; 'I read your blog everyday!'
I said; 'Hey, thanks, I hope it's interesting'
she said; 'the posts that your brother writes, are far better than yours! they bring the subjects to life.'
I said; 'yeah, that's true.'
she said; 'when you follow a blog everyday, you get angry if the blogger, miss a new post even for a day.'
Yes, that proves what all the pro bloggers have been saying.
You got to update your blog with fresh, original, well written well organized, content everyday.
Forget about the earnings, and SEO, and advertising and all that stuff.
If the regular reader does not find fresh content, there will soon been no regular readers anymore.
But blogging on a regular basis is hard. That's the reason that team blogs happen I suppose.

And then she told me that she too had a blog. and it's called - oh forget it! I am not telling the name of her blog. She also said that she had tried to put new posts everyday and kinda of drifted away from the posts.
But after meeting me she has gained fresh resolved and will go back to regular blogging.
But something tells me (I don't think so!)

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