Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Celestial Frown, another indication of the times ahead?

The celestial frown, is this a sign from the heavens for the times ahead? Could this be that things are going to be tough in 2009? Hey! we really don’t need this sort of interpretation right now, do we?
The planets, Jupiter and Venus are supposed to be a width of a finger held at arm's length
The same thing in 2 BC when most of the middle east population must have been slightly far sighted, as they must have the same astronomical situation as a single bright light.

This event might have caused the fanatically superstitious amongst them to follow the “star” resulting in the turn of events as we know so when now. Just when Joseph with Mary on a donkey was having such a hard time looking for a place to stay. Different age same problem, it’s always tough to find a nice place to stay! Get back to the title!

Anyway the best time to see them was yesterday Monday night. They won't be this close together and well-placed for evening viewing again until May 2013.

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